My hope is that this blog will force me to become even more focused on achieving my dreams. As of this moment I have written several books, they are just sitting in my hard drive, I would love to have these books published, those books do still need to be reviewed and edited with again to ensure the manuscripts can showcase the true potential in each book. I also have a whole list of great ideas that have sprung to me at odd times, like when I am going to sleep or sitting in a boring meeting (if there is one good thing about a boring meeting, it’s that I have uninterrupted daydreaming time). I have seriously sat down over the last week and taken a brand new approach to fulfilling my desires. Achievement breaks down to something very simple, prioritizing my time. I am an extremely good procrastinator, in fact I tell people if there was a chance I could have majored in procrastination in college, I would have been first in class. My main time waster is pointless internet reading (if you’re reading this blog and thinking that may be what you are doing now, I assure you my words are not pointless, rather divine messages to inspire your own thoughts and creations). I love cars, the beauty, the speed, the sounds, (I have an idea centered around this love) so I find myself wasting a lot of time reading car news stories and looking at what’s new and coming out soon. I also waste a lot of time reading news stories, not even news stories that are breaking news and impact my life, more like the news stories about a dog that was trained to talk or a bear that can hula hoop (that was pretty awesome though). I have come to the conclusion, however, that if I truly want to end up doing anything I truly love, I need to GET TO IT. So I am trying something new, I have started this blog, I have deleted the time wasting websites from my bookmarks bar and I am challenging myself to spend my time wisely and use my talents to create and fulfill the dream that I know will come true. As I spend time in front of the computer I usually circumnavigate myself through all of the same websites over and over, there is never anything new or worth my valuable time to waste reading, yet I continue on this path and continue to waste time. So as of this moment that will change, I took a break in writing this post to eat dinner, (sub-par cooking on my part) came back to finish this post and even sitting thinking about what else to say, I found myself itching to go and spend time on the websites I was just on an hour ago, that is a serious problem and a major trauma to my creative process. So I am signing off and I am going to work on some drawings. Current work and Ideas to be forthcoming.



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