Mid-Week update

To all my faithful followers, (which at this time is a small amount of people I now hold in high esteem) I will be posting regularly about my process and updating my works pages and whatnot coming soon. I will make sure to add a Friday Inspiration this week, I at least have that already planned. In regards to why I am lacking in the updating department; I am currently purchasing and moving in to a house as of next Monday (Yay! It has been a long time coming), I am also in the last now 3 (Yay again!) days of the school year and it is surprisingly busy for the end of the year, so many little things to turn in to the head honchos. I will, however, have A LOT of time with summer off (Yay one last time!) so I plan on spending all of my free time channeling my inner Wright brother, to get my writing career launched and sailing along. Keep checking for updates I promise to not be so long in between posts, spread the word and remember to daydream daily.




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