Friday Inspiration – David Catrow

This week’s inspiration focuses on my newest favorite illustrator I discovered this year, David Catrow. David Catrow has written and illustrated a vast amount of children’s books. I fell in love with David’s illustrating genius when I read “I Wanna Iguana” and “I Wanna New Room” both of these books were superbly written by Karen Kaufman Orloff and illustrated by David Catrow. These two books are downright hilarious reads, both focusing on, Alex, a young boy who is writing and receiving letters from his parents as he tries to persuade his parents to let him have an iguana (“I Wanna Iguana) or a new room in order to get away from a meddlesome little brother (I Wanna New Room). I personally love the style these books are written in and David Catrow’s illustrations are an absolutely stunning pairing with Karen Orloff’s writing style.

I love how bright and colorful the illustrations are in the works that David does. Each page is full of colors that you may not normally think would work or should be used together, but David makes it work splendidly and each illustration really captures the eye of the reader. David also takes a literal approach to his illustrations, for example in the book “I Wanna New Room” the boy, Alex, is complaining about his younger brother snoring like a walrus and stuffing crayons in his nose. David’s illustration of this complaint is Alex, in his room trying to hide from an oversized walrus with crayons stuffed in his nose. This illustration made me laugh so hard because David perfectly emulated what my mind was thinking and did so in a creative and fun way.


     David Catrow has a multitude of other books, a lot that I have yet to have the pleasure to read, but look forward to reading in the future. For me any book that has been illustrated by David Catrow is a book worth picking up and reading. David’s illustrative style of color and creative imagery is a style that I want to emulate and craft into my own unique style. I recommend checking out for more information about David as an author or illustrator as well as his blog, and his envy inducing list of works he has written and illustrated. For comedically genius and colorful illustrations and writing check out David Catrow for some summer reading, perfect for a read aloud at anytime.



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