About Me

My name is Danny Kelley, I am a daydreamer, I am an artist, and I am ready to become what I have dreamed about for a long time. It is my dream and passion to become an accomplished children’s author and illustrator. I currently hold  a 3rd grade teaching position at an elementary school in central Ohio. I enjoy my job, most of the time. It is however my dream to be more and to truly put my creative talents to work. I have a beautiful wife who, thankfully, not only supports my dream, but also helps me in my creative processes and gives me ideas to build upon. Whether they are new story ideas, plots or ideas for a better illustration, she is with me and willing to join in the fun. My dream of becoming a children’s author and illustrator developed during an education class while I was completing my undergraduate studies at The Ohio State University. One of the courses I was signed up for was a class that focused on children’s books; ideas, themes, and the writing process. I was immediately interested and even more so as I wrote and illustrated my own children’s book for a project in the class. It was from that point that I knew this was my calling. I have always had a mind that has been more focused on daydreaming than reality and an imagination that runs wild, as well as a creative side that used every bit of free space on any piece of paper to illustrate all my mind could imagine. This is my dream and my one goal is to take this fantastical daydream and turn it in to an amazing and fulfilling reality.


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